Low-Key Networking That Creates Impact

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We enjoy large-scale industry events, always gaining networking headway when we attend them. We’ve also learned that low-key gatherings offer unique relationship-building value. They’re rather laid-back and intimate, so we’re better able to focus on engaging the people we meet. These are the Signature, Inc. strategies we use to do so:

  • Peruse the Guest Lists: With the power of the internet, it’s usually possible to acquire a list of event attendees. When we do so, we continue with our online research. Sites such as LinkedIn help us learn about our potential contacts, and inspire us to craft some personalized icebreakers. We might congratulate someone on a recent promotion, for instance.
  • Be Genuine: Authenticity is a Signature, Inc. principle, because we know it is key to making a positive impression. Introverts do more listening than talking (which is an effective networking technique anyway). Our colleagues who are fond of humor insert tasteful jokes into discussions. We show who we are while expressing sincere interest.
  • Follow-Up: We make our work count by following up with all our new and existing contacts. What’s more, we follow up with them on a regular basis. Doing so reminds people that we care about them. It’s easy to schedule a few minutes each week to send some emails, make a phone call or two, or simply comment on social media.

These methods help us make the most of small networking events. Follow Signature, Inc. on LinkedIn for more of our insights.