Signature Inc Adding Exciting Company to Firm’s Portfolio

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Newsroom by Signature Inc.

Cherry Hill, NJ – Ken Weinraub, President of Signature Inc, announced that the firm is now partnering with a leading financial services company.

Creating innovative outreach campaigns is Signature Inc’s stock-in-trade, and Weinraub is excited for his team to flex their creative muscles with the company’s newest partner, Start New Financial. They specialize in helping small business owners and consumers with debt resolution, providing people with options that give them hope for a debt-free future.

The addition of Start New Financial as a business partner represents a really exciting time for Signature Inc, because it means the firm is not only growing, but expanding its portfolio in new and exciting ways. This is good news for everyone on the team, including Derek A. who is spearheading this new campaign. The growth creates more opportunities for current associates to advance their careers, and will also create space for a hiring initiative as well.

Derek Moves Into Prominent Signature Inc Leadership Role

Derek has been hand-chosen to lead the charge on the Start New Financial campaign. He has shown an exceptional ability to handle a leadership role, making him the ideal frontrunner for this new partnership. Also, he is adept at using different teaching styles, giving him the ability to work with a variety of people who learn in different ways. This is sure to help him bring innovative ideas to his new position, and create cutting-edge outreach for Start New Financial.

Leading the way with a new Signature Inc partner, let alone one as unique as Start New Financial, is a tremendous and humbling responsibility, so Derek is quickly becoming THE expert on all things debt and finance. This is a company that makes a tangible difference in the lives of the customers it serves, freeing them from a burden they may not be able to deal with on their own. With this in mind, Derek is ready to put his best foot forward in this leadership role. Consumer debt is one of the big social issues in our country right now, with many Americans drowning in credit card and student loan repayments. Often, this isn’t a matter of mismanaging one’s finances, but simply the result of wages that don’t keep up with inflation. Predatory lending practices and lack of jobs for graduating college students add to the issue as well. With his relatable teaching style, Derek is sure to exceed Start New Financial’s expectations.